A few news articles about Hargreaves Services PLC you might find interesting…..


This is an interesting read, Hargreaves is “spinning out” yet another renewable energy business, Blackwells. They are also in the process of selling the business they purchased in 2014, Brockwells Energy Limited. Hargreaves plan to keep minority stake in Brockwells Energy and claim rental payments from the wind farms.

Hargreaves might be in trouble….. As of November 2017 their turnover fell by almost 20m, while taking an operating loss of 2.7m. Apparently largely due to exceptional costs of 2.8m relating to contracts inherited in the acquisition of earthworks firm CA Blackwells.


Legacy contracts lead to losses at Hargreaves!!! This was my initial thought when reading of the strategy to sell its legacy assets, surely this will have a flow on affect… Very interesting to read of this now.


New Group Finance Director for Hargreaves, John Samuel will be taking over the role of Iain Cockburn as he moves to join the newly formed Brockwell Energy.

DRAFT Ass#1 – Steps 3 & 4

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I have attached below my Draft version of Ass#1 Steps 3 and 4. Please have a read and let me know your thoughts. I really struggled with this one and would appreciate any feedback. I am now venturing onto the second part of Step 3 – engaging with fellow students to discuss our KCQ’s, please do not hesitate to get in contact me should you need someone for this next step.

Hope you are all progressing ok with your assignments. Look forward to talking with you in this next step. All the best

Hargreaves Services PLC – Company Spreadsheet


Company Spreadsheet Troubles……

2Well that was completely overwhelming that task, unfortunately there was a lot i did not understand when reviewing my company’s financial statement. I also had a lot of trouble trying to get my Statement of Changes in Equity totals to match the totals on the actual annual financial statements Statement of changes in Equity. Would really appreciate any help to figure out what I am doing wrong here. I have attached my company’s Statements and my Spreadsheet for your perusal.

2015 Annual Reports

2017 Annual Reports

Hargreaves Services PLC – Company Spreadsheet 2018

Feeling a little defeated that i could not get it to work as i had hoped, but i must say apart from this complication I actually enjoyed the rest, and was surprised how simple it was, especially as i was initially worried about formulas to use etc.

My Company….

Hargreaves Services PLC

My company is Hargreaves Services PLC. Based in the UK, Hargreaves has been established for 24 years and is fair to say this firm really dominates in its industry. Mainly operating in key projects and services within the infrastructure , energy and property industries. However the group also deliver haulage services, waste transportation, mineral import, mining and processing, along with specialised earthworks and related activities.

Hargreaves is one of the largest coal operators in the UK, and also a leading provider of contract services to power stations in the UK and abroad. But what really caught my attention was this firms renewable energy development projects including energy from waste and wind. Hargreaves has a land portfolio of over 18,000 acres in the UK used to maximise its value by creating renewable energy such as generating energy from waste and onshore wind projects in areas of high wind speeds, along with a number of other projects.

They provide services such as soil stabilisation, waste recovery and land restoration, using waste materials such as soils, composts, biomass and coal-derived combustion ashes etc. This firm is rather impressive, and a little overwhelming that I will be spending the next few weeks learning and trying my best to correctly interpret its incredible portfolio. I wish you all the best as you embark on this same journey and look forward to learning more about your companies. 

The Journey Begins

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