Draft Assignment Steps 3 – 5

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I have completed my draft of my Steps 3 – 5 (excluding my student feedback and discussions), I would love to hear you thoughts and get some feedback if you have some free time. Happy to return the favour. Please see links below

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Assignment – Steps 3 – 6

Assignment – Step 4 – Bank Transactions and Income Statement

Assignment – Step 5 – Trial Balance

Aeffe Financial statements at 31 dec 2017


Aeffe – A little about my Firm!

Aeffe is an Italian Apparel Manufacturer, it is the parent company to a number of designer labels such as Pollini (Footware and leather goods), Moschino, and Velmar (Beachwear and Lingerie). They specialise in designer fashion and luxurious goods. The group was founded by designer Alberta Ferretti, and develops, produces and distributes its own collections as well as other licenced brands such as Blugirl Folies, Cedric Charlier and Jeremy Scott.  They manufacture clothing and accessories for Men, Women and Children and have a number of designer stores throughout Europe, the UK, Japan and USA among others.

From all that I saw I would say their clothing lines are very bold, which I suppose is to be expecting from a European Designer label. Judging from my firms financial statements I would say this company is a powerhouse in the fashion industry. Its total revenue has progressively climbed over the last four years, with a total revenue in 2017 of almost 29 million euro…… In looking closer at the financial statements, the brand that seems to be of the most demand for this firm is Moschino. With the recorded sales making up over 70% of the total sales in the 2017 year, and this was consistent throughout the four years I investigated. Ranging from 65%-70% of sales recorded. It’s clear to see Aeffe’s Moschino brand really dominates the market.


I have included a link below if you would like to read more about my Firm. I would love to hear your thoughts….

Assignment – Steps 3 – 6



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Just wanted to say a quick hello, hope everyone has hit the ground running this term. Best of luck with your studies, I look forward to getting to know you all.

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Assignment Stage 2 – Step 3: Restated Financial Statements


Hello again,

Well that was interesting, what an absolute rollercoaster of emotions in completing that task. There where many areas that I struggled in with mine… With so many highs and lows. I was frustrated and angry when I couldn’t figure out what was going on with my totals, then to solve the problem and I was on cloud nine….. Onto the next one and I am pulling out my hair, fix up that mistake, little self high-five. Only to discover something further. I went from angry, about to throw my keyboard across the room, to this subject is awesome, how much fun was that…… Bit of a thrill in getting to the finish line and I can honestly say I enjoyed the process despite all.

My biggest hurdle was getting my totals to match. In completing this task I have learnt so much about what each item actually is, I have learnt about tax, and the benefits on Financial Expenses. One of the things I found the most interesting was how much of my financial statements, income statements in particular was actually repeats. When first looking at the income statements it looked like there were so many figures, what was interesting was how much of it was either totals, or the same sums just displayed in categories. I would say this accounted for 50% of my income statements. This made things more confusing than I felt they needed to be, but also a great lesson to really understanding what the items were.

Anyway, I hope you have all made it through this task. Looking forward to reading your stories. Would love to hear your thoughts on how I went with mine, please see link below.

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Hargreaves Services PLC – Company Spreadsheet



Hello all,

I wanted to share with you some of the much needed and appreciated feedback I received on my assignment.


I found the feedback I received to be very helpful, in particular the areas in which my assignment was lacking and/or could be improved. There was a few areas in particular I found to be of great help. Caine pointed out that I had not yet included my top 3 blogs, which I was aware of however after I read his feedback, this reminder prompted me to see to this task. Emily pointed out that I had made some spelling and grammar errors in my assignment. This was much appreciated Emily, hopefully I have fixed these. Furthermore while reviewing my document for these errors I actually also noted a few areas which could be better written and fixed these also so thank you.

Jacqui expressed that she really enjoyed my step 5 reflections in particular the way I summed up a few of the concepts which gave her further clarity. This was very encouraging to hear, I have been extremely doubtful with regards to my assignment (the downside to reading so many inspiring assignments form fellow students). Jacqui also pointed out my spelling errors. Defiantly need to take my time and double check my work I have discovered.

Victoria’s feedback would have had to be my favourite, she questioned what my firm’s values and morals where in terms of the environmental work they do and whether this work has had any affect in terms of profit and value.  This is actually a question I had and had originally noted that I found it disappointing to not read of any strategies in place in their goals in this area. I felt as though this “Environmental works” was a money making move rather than steps to improve the future of our planet. I later thought it was silly to make this analysis as I was researching a business, a money making entity, not a company striving to gain an environmental award. It was reassuring to hear that Victoria would have liked to hear more on this topic and makes me wonder if I should include this.

Finally Jamie provided me with very thorough feedback, which after reading her assignment I would expect nothing more from her. She seems to be a perfectionist, I was inspired by her assignment and was probably the one I enjoyed reading the most so her feedback was of great ‘value’ (accounting pun) to me. Some of the suggestions Jamie made was to include more colour in my blog page, include a link to my Moodle profile and blog within my assignment, update the currency displayed in my spreadsheet to UK pound, and she pointed out areas I could touch on in my step 5 KCQ’s to show better understanding. Jamie also expressed how my reflection of the meaning of accrual accounting, helped her to better understand the process.

Jamie’s feedback was really very helpful and you will note that each area that she brought to my attention has now been updated. Thank you very much Jamie. You are a Star.

Overall I really enjoyed this process, I was shown areas where my work needed more thought and further proof reading. I felt reassured in areas I had doubt and most importantly I felt confident in that I was not alone in my thoughts and feeling, and overall very grateful I shared. 

Top 3 Blogs!!!

Top 3 Blogs!

Wow picking just three blogs was very difficult, I must have looked through hundreds of blogs. To be perfectly honest a lot of them looked very similar, not a bad thing as a Blog really should follow a certain flow and layout in order for the information to be easily accessible and have an aesthetic appeal to capture the reader. But this made things all the more challenging. But I narrowed it down and am very happy with my top picks.

#1 – my absolute favourite Blog was Mumdays


The reason I first picked this blog to look at was because of its name. Mumdays, straight away I could relate to this. Juggling kids and study myself, I thought it would be a good read if nothing more. Opening the blog and I immediately liked the overall look, I enjoyed the pictures Sarah used, the flow of the material and the general layout. It was simple yet captivating. The colours she used in her theme where very appealing, honestly I felt like grabbing a cup of tea and settling in as you would with a good book. I really enjoyed Sarah’s written pieces. Number 1 for me. Great work Sarah….


Kate’s Blog was my second choice. I found her Blog to be fun and captivating, and really got a feel for the person she is looking through her space. A Bubbly fun loving character. I enjoyed reading her articles, and enjoyed the lingo she used in her written pieces “attempting to put-off going to bed I stumbled across this lil beauty of an article about Productive Procrastination… Yep… You read that right… PRODUCTIVE Procrastination”. Her Blog was Fun, creative and entertaining.


My third choice was Natasha’s Blog. Something about the Black and White theme that just grabs you, and surprisingly (not really being a big fan of cats) I could not help but to admire that picture. Great first impression. Moving past the initially feeling of the blog, I loved the simplicity of the layout, easy to navigate and full of entertaining reads. This blog was simple but flowed really well and I found it very easy to explore. Great work Natasha.


Draft Assignment 1 – Steps 2-6


Hello all,

Wow this past week has been trying to say the least, but here it is. Finally a piece that I am proud of. Still needs to be tweaked slightly, with the final and last draft (for this assignment anyway) to come. Please see below my draft assignment steps 2-6 along with my company’s Financial Statements. I would really appreciate any feedback.


Hargreaves Services PLC – Company Spreadsheet

Hope you are all getting closer to finalising your assignments.

Best of luck!