About Me

A Bit about me…

I am currently studying my Bachelor of Accounting via distance. I am mum to two beautiful little boys, my family are my life. We moved to the Sunshine Coast from Bundaberg a few years ago, both my husband and I having previously lived on the Coast and all our family are still here. So it made sense to have our boys grow up close to everyone they love. We love the Coast lifestyle.

My husband and I are country people and very much enjoy THE LITTLE THINGS IN LIFE. A good cup of coffee, a beautiful cut of meat straight off the smoker. We try to grow as much of our food as we can, and we love to get outdoors and enjoy all that nature has to offer. My husband runs a small Electrical Business, although he is certainly a man of all trades. We not long ago brought a house and have started soooooo many reno projects, its beginning to feel like we may never get the time to finish them all.

We love to travel, my husband and I have travelled to many places around the world. Top of my list of experiences was our Honeymoon, where we spent 3 months making our way through Europe. Since having kids we have slowed down a bit but we try to get away when we can. So where does my study fit into that picture, I love a challenge and decided it was time to start furthering my career. I thoughly enjoy working in the Accounting industry, it fascinates and inspires me. I would love to put my knowledge that i aquire to use in my own business, and I would love to eventually get a position working in this area.

So thats a bit about me, I sometimes feel like i might just loose it juggling so much at the moment with running a business, looking after two little ones (3yrs and 9mths), doing my daily gardening chores and looking after the animals we have, house renos and of course study. There is nothing i enjoy more than sitting down with husband at the end of a hectic day with a good glass of red wine or a fresh pot of tea and watching my little boys play and adventure.