Aeffe – A little about my Firm!

Aeffe is an Italian Apparel Manufacturer, it is the parent company to a number of designer labels such as Pollini (Footware and leather goods), Moschino, and Velmar (Beachwear and Lingerie). They specialise in designer fashion and luxurious goods. The group was founded by designer Alberta Ferretti, and develops, produces and distributes its own collections as well as other licenced brands such as Blugirl Folies, Cedric Charlier and Jeremy Scott.  They manufacture clothing and accessories for Men, Women and Children and have a number of designer stores throughout Europe, the UK, Japan and USA among others.

From all that I saw I would say their clothing lines are very bold, which I suppose is to be expecting from a European Designer label. Judging from my firms financial statements I would say this company is a powerhouse in the fashion industry. Its total revenue has progressively climbed over the last four years, with a total revenue in 2017 of almost 29 million euro…… In looking closer at the financial statements, the brand that seems to be of the most demand for this firm is Moschino. With the recorded sales making up over 70% of the total sales in the 2017 year, and this was consistent throughout the four years I investigated. Ranging from 65%-70% of sales recorded. It’s clear to see Aeffe’s Moschino brand really dominates the market.


I have included a link below if you would like to read more about my Firm. I would love to hear your thoughts….

Assignment – Steps 3 – 6


7 thoughts on “Aeffe – A little about my Firm!

  1. Hi Rochelle,
    What an interesting company, and I really enjoyed reading what you had researched. It sounds like the company is going quite well, which is always a good thing :). I was allocated the company Air China, so a little different to yours lol. Good Luck with the rest of your assignment!


    1. Hello, thanks for your feedback. My company is defiantly different and quiet confusing with so many subsidiary entities. I found the financial statements particularly hard to make sense of with so much information on all entities and 4 different sets of financials. I actually tried to find your blog so I could give you some feedback however when I click on your name it says page no longer available. If you could reply with a link I would love to give you some feedback also.
      Talk soon


    1. Thanks Sarah, I will pop over to your site and give you some feedback also. Was very hard, it was obvious they were all different which was my saving grace. My company is a parent company to many other subsidiary companies so was just trying to work out which one to use. Was awfully confusing, and am not even confident I used the right ones to be honest. but my numbers balanced at the end which is a good sign I suppose. How have you been going with the rest of the assignment? Were there areas you struggled in with you firm?


  2. Hi Rochelle. I really enjoyed reading about your company. While I had not heard of these designer brands before, it seems like an interesting company to be given. I definitely agree with you in the fact that it is quite bold, as most designer brands are. It would be interesting to see how the company would cope financially if its Moschino branded clothing were no longer desired in the market. As such, I believe the company would have to stay very current and up-to-date with fashion trends given that it relies so heavily on this aspect of the organisation. I love how you have included pictures to accompany your introduction, supporting the research you have done. I look forward to reading more about Aeffe further in your assignment.


  3. You have a lot of expenses and income as well.
    You have made a great category of your expenses and income.

    Your layout was great. They were very easy to understand and have used the correct formula.


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