Steps 7 – 10!!!!

Business Finish Line

OMG! I cannot believe I have finally got this piece in a somewhat acceptable state. So very sorry for my late update, this one took all I had. Would love some feedback…..

Hope you have all survived this week, all the best for you grades and awesome work reaching the finish line……

Assignment Stage 2 – Step 7 – 10

Hargreaves Services PLC – Company Spreadsheet




One thought on “Steps 7 – 10!!!!

  1. Hi Rochelle, here is some feedback I did for you

    Step 7:
    The three services you have selected for this step are very relevant to the business and are explained well. I believe your sales prices and variable costs are appropriate given the services and industry of your business. Your contribution margin calculation is correct, and I like how you have included the contribution margin ratio also. You have provided many constraints which shows that you have really through about your services and have a deep understanding of your business.

    Step 8:
    The calculations you have performed in your excel document appear all correct, with all the necessary formulas linked well. Wow! Your commentary on the ratios you have calculated is very in depth and well written. Great job! With your economic profit, you have thoroughly explained its relationship with key drivers and explained all of the concepts very well. You have posted your commentary with your most recent assignment post but not as a separate post on its own, however I think this should be fine.

    Step 9:
    Your capital investment is very well thought out; however, I would suggest perhaps creating a table to display the data as this may be a bit easier and clearer to understand. The table from your excel document may be better inserted into the word document. The calculations provided in your excel document seem to be correct and are well set out. You have provided a succinct recommendation as to which investment opportunity would be best and have included all of reasoning as to why you believe this.

    Step 10:

    The assignment you have completed is very well written and is in great detail. You explain the concepts very well and it everything so much easier to understand. Great job on this assessment!


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