Assignment Stage 2 – Step 3: Restated Financial Statements


Hello again,

Well that was interesting, what an absolute rollercoaster of emotions in completing that task. There where many areas that I struggled in with mine… With so many highs and lows. I was frustrated and angry when I couldn’t figure out what was going on with my totals, then to solve the problem and I was on cloud nine….. Onto the next one and I am pulling out my hair, fix up that mistake, little self high-five. Only to discover something further. I went from angry, about to throw my keyboard across the room, to this subject is awesome, how much fun was that…… Bit of a thrill in getting to the finish line and I can honestly say I enjoyed the process despite all.

My biggest hurdle was getting my totals to match. In completing this task I have learnt so much about what each item actually is, I have learnt about tax, and the benefits on Financial Expenses. One of the things I found the most interesting was how much of my financial statements, income statements in particular was actually repeats. When first looking at the income statements it looked like there were so many figures, what was interesting was how much of it was either totals, or the same sums just displayed in categories. I would say this accounted for 50% of my income statements. This made things more confusing than I felt they needed to be, but also a great lesson to really understanding what the items were.

Anyway, I hope you have all made it through this task. Looking forward to reading your stories. Would love to hear your thoughts on how I went with mine, please see link below.

All the best

Hargreaves Services PLC – Company Spreadsheet


2 thoughts on “Assignment Stage 2 – Step 3: Restated Financial Statements

  1. Feedback From: Hayley Wilkinson
    Feedback To: Rochelle Burney .

    Step 3
    Within your blog post, you mention that you struggled with this task. However, I may not know the task that well myself although your Excel Restated Financial Statements is presented very well, meaning very tidy and clear to understand.
    You have shown that you do have an understanding of separating O and F.

    I checked to see if you linked your restated financial statement to the financial statement, and that was all beautifully done. I personally used your Restated statements as a guide because I also given an UK company, and it helped me to understand O and F. I couldn’t fault any of your statements.
    I couldn’t find any communication with other peers, but I am sure you used peer support to get you through this step, as I doubt no student could complete it on their own.

    Step 4
    Individual feedback with other students Couldn’t locate

    Overall ASS#2 (Steps 3 & 4) Overall, you should be proud for completing Step 3. I believe it wasn’t easy for anyone, and hopeful the challenge has allowed you to have more of an understanding. You should feel great with what you’ve achieved! And I am sure you have completed a good document with step 3.


    1. thanks for your feedback Hayley, really appreciate it and glad my restated financials could be of some help in completing yours. Best of luck with the rest of the assignment


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