Hello all,

I wanted to share with you some of the much needed and appreciated feedback I received on my assignment.


I found the feedback I received to be very helpful, in particular the areas in which my assignment was lacking and/or could be improved. There was a few areas in particular I found to be of great help. Caine pointed out that I had not yet included my top 3 blogs, which I was aware of however after I read his feedback, this reminder prompted me to see to this task. Emily pointed out that I had made some spelling and grammar errors in my assignment. This was much appreciated Emily, hopefully I have fixed these. Furthermore while reviewing my document for these errors I actually also noted a few areas which could be better written and fixed these also so thank you.

Jacqui expressed that she really enjoyed my step 5 reflections in particular the way I summed up a few of the concepts which gave her further clarity. This was very encouraging to hear, I have been extremely doubtful with regards to my assignment (the downside to reading so many inspiring assignments form fellow students). Jacqui also pointed out my spelling errors. Defiantly need to take my time and double check my work I have discovered.

Victoria’s feedback would have had to be my favourite, she questioned what my firm’s values and morals where in terms of the environmental work they do and whether this work has had any affect in terms of profit and value.  This is actually a question I had and had originally noted that I found it disappointing to not read of any strategies in place in their goals in this area. I felt as though this “Environmental works” was a money making move rather than steps to improve the future of our planet. I later thought it was silly to make this analysis as I was researching a business, a money making entity, not a company striving to gain an environmental award. It was reassuring to hear that Victoria would have liked to hear more on this topic and makes me wonder if I should include this.

Finally Jamie provided me with very thorough feedback, which after reading her assignment I would expect nothing more from her. She seems to be a perfectionist, I was inspired by her assignment and was probably the one I enjoyed reading the most so her feedback was of great ‘value’ (accounting pun) to me. Some of the suggestions Jamie made was to include more colour in my blog page, include a link to my Moodle profile and blog within my assignment, update the currency displayed in my spreadsheet to UK pound, and she pointed out areas I could touch on in my step 5 KCQ’s to show better understanding. Jamie also expressed how my reflection of the meaning of accrual accounting, helped her to better understand the process.

Jamie’s feedback was really very helpful and you will note that each area that she brought to my attention has now been updated. Thank you very much Jamie. You are a Star.

Overall I really enjoyed this process, I was shown areas where my work needed more thought and further proof reading. I felt reassured in areas I had doubt and most importantly I felt confident in that I was not alone in my thoughts and feeling, and overall very grateful I shared. 

2 thoughts on “Feedback!!

  1. Hi Rochelle,
    I have just finished choosing my absolute favourite blogs, yours was one of them! As I spent a lot of time trying to perfect my own blog, I know just how long your masterpiece must have taken you. I feel that you give your readers a real piece of yourself in your “About me” section. You were also very meticulous in your assignment and made sure that all steps were posted on your blog, this made it a lot easier to find compared to some other work I have seen…mine included. Very well done! You really deserve to get a fantastic mark for all your hard work 🙂


  2. There’s a lot to say about this blog, firstly it is astonishingly tidy and aesthetically pleasing, looking at it is a joy. Then there’s the substance. It is obvious that a lot of care and effort went into maintaining and keeping this blog up to great. Amazing to see!!


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