Top 3 Blogs!!!

Top 3 Blogs!

Wow picking just three blogs was very difficult, I must have looked through hundreds of blogs. To be perfectly honest a lot of them looked very similar, not a bad thing as a Blog really should follow a certain flow and layout in order for the information to be easily accessible and have an aesthetic appeal to capture the reader. But this made things all the more challenging. But I narrowed it down and am very happy with my top picks.

#1 – my absolute favourite Blog was Mumdays

The reason I first picked this blog to look at was because of its name. Mumdays, straight away I could relate to this. Juggling kids and study myself, I thought it would be a good read if nothing more. Opening the blog and I immediately liked the overall look, I enjoyed the pictures Sarah used, the flow of the material and the general layout. It was simple yet captivating. The colours she used in her theme where very appealing, honestly I felt like grabbing a cup of tea and settling in as you would with a good book. I really enjoyed Sarah’s written pieces. Number 1 for me. Great work Sarah….

Kate’s Blog was my second choice. I found her Blog to be fun and captivating, and really got a feel for the person she is looking through her space. A Bubbly fun loving character. I enjoyed reading her articles, and enjoyed the lingo she used in her written pieces “attempting to put-off going to bed I stumbled across this lil beauty of an article about Productive Procrastination… Yep… You read that right… PRODUCTIVE Procrastination”. Her Blog was Fun, creative and entertaining.

My third choice was Natasha’s Blog. Something about the Black and White theme that just grabs you, and surprisingly (not really being a big fan of cats) I could not help but to admire that picture. Great first impression. Moving past the initially feeling of the blog, I loved the simplicity of the layout, easy to navigate and full of entertaining reads. This blog was simple but flowed really well and I found it very easy to explore. Great work Natasha.


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