Draft Assignment 1 – Steps 2-6


Hello all,

Wow this past week has been trying to say the least, but here it is. Finally a piece that I am proud of. Still needs to be tweaked slightly, with the final and last draft (for this assignment anyway) to come. Please see below my draft assignment steps 2-6 along with my company’s Financial Statements. I would really appreciate any feedback.


Hargreaves Services PLC – Company Spreadsheet

Hope you are all getting closer to finalising your assignments.

Best of luck!


6 thoughts on “Draft Assignment 1 – Steps 2-6

  1. Hi Rochelle,
    I have had a look through both your Draft assignment and your speed sheet and they both seem really well laid out.
    Your assignment has a lot of really pertinent information and makes it very easy to understand exactly what your firm does, and how they are progressing… albeit not so well at the moment.


  2. Hey Rochelle. I have some feedback here for you for your steps 1-5 of the assignment 🙂 Enjoy!

    Step 1:
    – I like how you have used dot points to outline your current understanding of what accounting means. I think this is a very effective method.
    – Your section on double-entry accounting and how technology has shaped our way of doing in this industry is a really great insight.

    Step 2:
    – I like how your blog is simplistic and professional, yet still very engaging, with your use of pictures and your single quote across the header of your blog. You could possibly include a little more colour throughout, however, I think your blog still presents well as it currently stands.
    – Your assignment draft has not included a link to your Moodle profile or blog, so I cannot give feedback on whether they are working or not. So long as you insert the link appropriately and use the correct link, it will be fine.

    Step 3:
    – I love how you have begun the introduction to your company with pictures as this draws me in and makes me actually want to read about your company even more.
    – You seem to have a very clear idea about your businesses operations, down to their current projects and offering of services. After reading this section, I feel I know every aspect of your business which means you have generated a very thorough analysis and explanation.
    – I think it is very effective that you have included a snapshot of your comments to others blogs rather than simply using a link. This creates more engagement and actually provides the reader with your comment immediately without having to be redirected to another page. The feedback you have left is also very helpful and insightful.
    – You appears to have drawn on the key points in your financial statement in your reflection from the challenges your company faces to their actual profitability and sustainability (whether they are sustainable for the future). I also like how you have included their current strategies within the workplace. This is a great point.
    – The articles and background knowledge you have supplied provides a good view into the business and some of its past dealings which have shaped the company into what it is now.

    Step 4:
    – Your spreadsheet appears very well presented, with your use of bolded titles and underlining.
    – I have checked through your sums and they appear to be correct, however, under the years columns on each statement you have listed the currency as $’000. As your company is based in the UK, you should change this to pounds instead (£).

    Step 5:
    – I really enjoyed reading your explanation about the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and you interpreted the concept through your use of questions.
    – Your analysis of accrual accounting was clear and succinct, making it easy for me understand what the term actually meant. During my reading the term confused me, however your explanation has given me a clearer understanding of how it actually works and why it is needed.
    – Perhaps in your step 5 you could mention the different types of accounting; financial and management, and how they are utilised when providing information to particular parties (externally and internally).

    Step 6:

    – Overall, I think your assignment is exceptional. You have put a lot of work and detail into your analysis sections to ensure you cover all bases, which you certainly have. Your personal experiences included within the steps is also very interesting to read and enhances your meaning.


  3. Hi Rochelle, I looked through your step 1-5 and it looks great! The information in which you provided about the company given to you gave a clear indication of what the company purpose is and what the company is. You provided a easy to read, full of relevant information and interesting draft. I like how everything in your blog was easy to understand and the pictures included give it a nice little touch. Throughout your draft I noticed several key points that are listed throughout the weeks of study we have been doing and it really shows that you have a clear idea and understand everything we have done over the first few weeks of study. The spread sheet is very well set out and is quite impressive. Good Work.


  4. Hi Rochelle! To be honest WOW! I honestly love your blog so much. it is so enjoyable to read. I admire your work and the way you set things out. Your assignment is really well written and I love how you have included images in the introduction of your company. This gives us a greater insight to your company. Your spread sheet is really well set out and correct. Your blog is one of my favourites and I wish you all the best!
    Taylah 🙂


  5. Hello
    I chose you for feedback
    STEP 2:Your blog in average is pretty good, I could see that you could get conversations with many people about your blog and how you developed.
    STEP 3: The background information that you provided about your company was very useful for the understanding of what they do. For the KCQs it was really good the way that you explained what you understood of the annual reports and how the company works and how much money they are dealing with. The best part was the KCQs you really understood how to do that and was a great work
    And about the comments on others blogs I could see the conversation that you have with a peer which was nice how you connected with her, and was good to see your top 3 blogs
    STEP 4:For this step your job was very good, the figures matched and you did the sums, you changed the currency, was pretty good
    STEP 5:You had a great understanding of the topic, I can see that you understood much better than me and actually what you wrote helped me to understand better the topic, I liked a lot your comments.
    STEP 6:Great all the feedback that you gave


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